Applying for a Grant

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Investing in our community

The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation continually assesses community needs and opportunities, and uses this information to help guide our donors in their grantmaking. When a match is made, the role of the Foundation is realized–supporting programs that protect, sustain and enrich San Diego County and its residents.

Through grants and programs, the Foundation is able to focus on strategic investments for addressing unmet or emerging community needs. These needs may also be met through field of interest funds established at the Foundation to distribute grants for local programs.

Nonprofits — Applying for a Grant

We connect charitable causes with compassionate, generous individuals who want to give strategically, purposefully, and with impact. We tell donors about the good works of nonprofits and other charitable projects and programs. When a match is made, the vital role of the Foundation is realized – supporting programs that protect, sustain and enrich San Diego County and its residents

For those seeking a grant, there are two ways to receive funding from the RSF Foundation:

Donor-advised grants: The RSF Foundation stewards over 100 funds from which grants are awarded based on donor recommendations. We help donors connect with nonprofit organizations in San Diego County, nationally and around the world.

  • Because grants from donor advised funds are based on consultations with and recommendations from individual and family donors, formal grant applications are not accepted.

Impact Fund grants: Discretionary grant funds are awarded annually on a competitive basis. Our goal is to make larger, more impactful grants by supporting areas of regional need where our resources can have the greatest impact. We focus on simplicity—minimal paperwork and use of technology for efficient and thorough application review.

  • We do not accept unsolicited grant applications. However, if your organization wishes to be included in our Resource Library, please contact us in writing and include the most recent copy of your annual report to the community and any marketing materials that would be helpful to a potential donor.
  • Typically there are two steps in the discretionary process: invitation to submit an application for funding and a site visit by our program staff.