Advisor Listing

Advisor Listing

Please let us know if you are a financial professional working with those in our community who wish to make a difference through their charitable giving. We will make sure that you are included on our list of professional advisors (below) and you will be invited to our Annual Professional Advisors event.

The following is a list of Professional Advisors with whom the Foundation has worked in the past. It is not intended to be an endorsement but rather to demonstrate that these are professionals who are committed to assisting their clients with their philanthropic goals.

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
James T. Schwager, CFP

Bernstein Global Wealth Management
Blair Cannon

Blankinship & Foster
Stefan Prvanov

Burns Advisory Group
Morgan H. Smith Jr. MIB, CFP

Callahan Capital Management
Colleen Callahan

CoastEdge Partners
Steven Simpson

D.A. Davidson & Co.
John N. Vreeburg CFP®

Dostart, Hannick & Coveney LLP
Ken Coveney

Dostart, Hannick & Coveney LLP
Paul Dostart

Dowling & Yahnke, Inc.
Mark Dowling

Edward Jones
Jason Berg, Financial Advisor

First Foundation Bank
Catherine Puckett

Gatto, Pope & Walwick, LLP
Dan Gatto

Goodwin Brown Gross & Lovelace LLP
David Hickson

Hansch Financial Group, LLC
W. John Hansch, MBA

Henderson & Caverly
Nancy Henderson

Henderson & Caverly
Jack Charney

Henderson & Caverly
Debra Vella

Neil C. Hokanson

Lindsay & Brownell
Stephen Brownell

Lindsay & Brownell
Mark W. Lindsay

Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.
Mike Lichtenberger

Merrill Lynch Private Banking & Investments
Monica Piepenkotter, CFA, CFP

National Real Estate Foundation
Chase Magnuson

Northern Trust
John Ippolito

Bruce A. Pahl CLU

Payden & Rygel
Rich Cowan

Rancho Santa Fe Insurance & Financial Services
Craig Edwards

Richard E. Showen, Esq.

Smith Barney
Jason Mubarak

A. Kelley Shooter Financial Services
Kelly Shooter

Third Millenium Philanthropy
Cary Blanchette

UBS Financial Services
John M. Seiber

Union Bank
Gloria Barden

Weitzen & Phillips LLP
Eric Weitzen

WFA Wealth Managers
Peter R. Wheeler

Weatherly Asset Management
Candise Holmlund

Carolyn P. Taylor

Wells Fargo Bank
Mary Murray

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