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Rancho Santa Fe Foundation has a spacious meeting space located in Encinitas at the RSF Plaza making it the ideal location for North County meetings, presentations, small gatherings, holiday parties, and more!

Room Ammenities

  • 13 easy to arrange collapsible 6’ conference tables
  • 40 chairs
  • SmartTV with HDMI connection
  • Large whiteboard

If you would like to inquire about the use of the community room, please contact Trina Frandsen at trina@rsffoundation.org or (858) 756-6557.

Use of the RSF Foundation community room is subject to signed agreement to abide by the policies and procedures that specify the terms of its use.

Policies and Procedures for Use of the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation Community Room 162 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. Suite B-40, Encinitas, CA 92024

Rancho Santa Fe Foundation (RSFF) is pleased to open its doors to the community by allowing local businesses and organizations to use our Community Room. In order to maintain the facility and make it available to as many groups as possible, RSFF has established the following policies and procedures.

Reservation Guidelines


The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation’s Community Room is available for use by local businesses, organizations, and individuals. RSFF reserves the right to deny use of the Community Room to
any organization or entity based on RSFF’s priorities or policies. RSFF’s Community Room is not available for commercial, religious, political, or family events. RSFF requests that all organizations using the conference space conform to all federal and state laws and common business standards to insure that their convenings and actions relating to such convenings are conducted without regard to age, race, religion, gender, origin, physical abilities, etc.

Insurance Requirement

We require that all organizations list the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation as “Additional Insured” for $1,000,000.00 on their organizational liability insurance policy.

Additional Insured
Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
162 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. Suites B-30 and B-40
Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone (858) 756-6557

The organization agrees to indemnify and hold harmless RSFF against and from any and all injury, loss, damage, claim or liability of any kind, whatsoever, occurring to person or property and arising out of the organization’s use of RSFF facilities.


The RSFF Community Room is available for use by external organizations Monday – Friday during regular business hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., unless the organization has received the appropriate approval from RSFF to use the space after regular business hours.


In order to provide flexibility and opportunities to all eligible organizations, reservations will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Reservations may be made up to six (6) months in advance of a convening date and no less than one (1) week prior to the requested date.

If RSFF needs the Community Room for an internal meeting, we may ask outside users to reschedule.

To request use of RSFF’s Community Room, please contact Trina Frandsen at (858) 756-6557 or trina@rsffoundation.org to check on date availability, and then complete the request form emailed or faxed to you. No verbal commitments may be made. When making a room request, we recommend adding 30 minutes to the beginning and end of your event for set up and break down time.

Reservation of meeting space is not definite until the organization has received an APPROVED SIGNED request form copy from Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.

The organization agrees to indemnify and hold harmless RSFF against and from any and all injury, loss, damage, claim or liability of any kind, whatsoever, occurring to person or property and arising out of the organization’s use of RSFF facilities.


The usage fees for nonprofit organizations to use the RSFF Community Room are as follows:
$30 per hour
$200 per day (8 hour)
$500 per 3-day event

The usage fees for for-profit organizations to use the RSFF Community Room are as follows:
$60 per hour
$450 per day (8 hour)
$1,000 per 3-day event

RSFF will send an invoice at the end of each month to the contact person for the organization after use unless other specific arrangements have been made for billing for frequent use.

Please make checks payable to Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.

Organizations using the Community Room may not charge admission or meeting fees except to cover such direct meeting costs as materials, speaker fees, or catering. External organizations are not permitted to use the Community Room for commercial purposes or fundraising.


Organizations must notify RSFF about a cancellation a minimum of three (3) business days before the scheduled event date. Failure to notify RSFF staff may prevent the organization from future use of the Community Room.

Meeting Arrangements

Food, Beverages, and Alcohol

Food and beverages are allowed in the RSFF Community Room. You are responsible for making any catering arrangements and meeting the caterer upon arrival to receive delivery. If you would like to serve coffee, tea, and/or water, you or your caterer must supply it. RSFF is not able to supply these amenities.

Canned heat (e.g. sternos), candles, and any open flame of any kind are not permitted for use in the Community Room.

Space to store food and beverages is not available prior to the event or for leftover food and beverages after the event. Catering materials may not be left overnight so arrangements for pick-up must be made between you and the caterer.

Room Set-up

Organizations using the Community Room are responsible for setting up the room for their group. Please allow adequate time before the start of your event for set up. There are 13 collapsible conference tables and 40 chairs available for use.

Audio/Visual & WIFI

The Community Room is equipped with a SmartTV with HDMI connection. RSFF does not have adaptors on site. Guest WiFi is also available and you can find the password posted on the white board.

Equipment Rentals

Outside rentals are not permitted without prior approval from RSFF.


Parking is available in the Rancho Santa Fe Plaza public parking lot. One B-40 reserved space is available for loading and unloading of supplies for your event.


The organization’s representative should arrive 15 minutes prior to their requested start time and must check in at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation main office in Suite B-30 for an event during business hours. If event is after business hours, arrangements must be made with RSFF to pick up the key during business hours.


Following your meeting, you are responsible for ensuring that all refuse is disposed of in the appropriate receptacle and the room is left in an orderly condition. Cleaning supplies are available for use in the Community Room. Please be sure to remove all meeting materials at the conclusion of your event. Return the key to RSFF office if during business hours. If after business hours, deposit the key in the envelope provided in the slot in the B-30 office front door.

Noise Levels

Noise and activities in and around the Community Room must be managed so as not to interfere with other activities in Rancho Santa Fe Plaza.

Personal Belongings

RSFF is not able to provide space to store supplies or personal belongings and is not responsible for personal property or equipment brought into the space. Overnight storage is not available.


Organizations are responsible for any damages caused to the facility, equipment, furnishings, or surrounding grounds, and must immediately notify RSFF staff should something occur.


A representative of the organization using the Community Room must remain onsite during designated meeting times.

RSFF staff is not available to assist users with business services such as photocopying, faxing, event registration, etc.


Any media presence at the RSFF Community Room requires advance notification of RSFF. Users must notify RSFF staff if they are inviting or expecting members of the news media.


Public restrooms are available for organizations and their guests. Keys to access the public restrooms will be provided in the Community Room.

Safety and Accessibility

ADA Accessibility

The RSFF Community Room is a street-level facility with disabled access. The available restrooms are equipped with handrails for persons in wheelchairs. Handicapped parking spaces are available in the parking lot of the Rancho Santa Fe Plaza.

RSFF does not offer in-house assistance or support with simultaneous language translation services or provide assisted listening devices. RSFF may be able to offer suggestions on translation or hearing service providers.

Fire Safety

Cooking over an open flame, liquid or solid, is not allowed in the Community Room. Candles and any other forms of open flames are also not permitted.


RSFF and the Community Room are smoke-free environments.

In Case of an Emergency

In the event of an emergency, please notify RSFF immediately by contacting Trina Frandsen at (858) 756-6557 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. After hours, please call (858) 822-8931.

For major emergencies, please call 911 first, then notify RSFF staff per the directions above.

The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation Community Room is located at:
162 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd.
Suite B-40
Encinitas, CA 92024

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We support military service members, veterans and their families through The Patriots Connection and the Navy SEAL Foundation Fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.

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