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The North County COVID-19 Response Fund creates grants to support those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more

The COVID-19 Response Fund creates grants to support those affected by COVID-19. Learn more

RSF Women’s Fund




The RSF Women’s Fund raises charitable funds from its members and awards grants annually to nonprofits meeting needs in specific focus areas. The RSF Women’s Fund is a donor advised fund of the RSF Foundation, and it has granted over $3.7 Million since its inception in 2004.


To educate, inspire and increase the number of women committed to philanthropy in order to strengthen the community and impact lives through informed, focused collective giving.


  • Grow our membership by gathering friends and neighbors to achieve common goals
  • Educate and inspire our membership to be informed philanthropists
  • Work together to improve and strengthen lives through charitable grants
  • Serve our areas of annual focus by adapting to local needs
  • Make the nearly impossible seem quite effortless

2020-2021 Advisory Board

Advisory Chair
Candise Holmlund

Past Advisory Chair
Sandra Coufal

Incoming Advisory Chair
Susan Hoehn

Gayle Gillies-Mize

Grants Committee
Mara Buchholz (chair)
Nikki Reem (chair)
Mary Consalvi (past chair)
Cynthia Hudson (past chair)

Membership Committee
Judy Oliphant (chair)
Allison Williams (chair)

Finance Committee
Carlie Berke
Judith Rowles

Program Chairs
Courtney LeBeau
Marina Pastor

Publicity Chair
Sara Bennett

Social Chair

Volunteer Chair
Ellie Cunningham

Members at Large
Molly Gregoire
Vivian Hardage
Donna Vance
Kathy Yash

To learn more, please visit www.rsfwomensfund.org.

Military Support in San Diego


We support military service members, veterans and their families through The Patriots Connection and the Navy SEAL Foundation Fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.

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