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The San Marcos COVID-19 Community Grants Program awards grants to support San Marcos residents affected by COVID-19. Learn more

The San Marcos COVID-19 Community Grants Program awards grants to support San Marcos residents affected by COVID-19. Learn more

Nonprofit Endowments

An endowment is a bridge to the future for your nonprofit organization. Establishing an endowment is both practical and visionary. You demonstrate that your donors’ gifts will be well stewarded by ensuring that your organization will continue to meet needs into the future.




An endowment is a permanent fund. The principal is invested, and the interest provides annual income to support an organization’s activities. Additional contributions may be made to the fund at any time. The original principal and subsequent contributions are held in perpetuity. The principal is invested to provide both current income and growth on the principal.

At the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation ~

  • There is no required minimum to establish the endowment fund
  • The fund provides a maximum 5% payout, or you can choose to let the fund continue to grow without drawing from it every year
  • The endowment is invested for the long term, governed by an endowment spending policy and only the income from the investment is permitted to be used by the organization
  • When you establish the endowment, you state the purpose of the fund
  • Organizations may hold multiple endowments for different purposes or programs
  • Individuals may establish donor-directed endowments to benefit an organization



An endowment can strengthen the financial sustainability of your organization in many ways ~

  • Diversifies revenue sources
  • Provides unrestricted income (unless donor-restricted)
  • Demonstrates long-term organizational stability
  • Provides donors with planned giving options
  • Works well in combination with annual and capital funding appeals
  • Allows donors of all income levels to make a lasting gift

Contact us about opening an endowment fund for your nonprofit organization, wherever you are in San Diego County!

(Whether your nonprofit is in a North San Diego city like Solana Beach or Encinitas or a Southern area like Chula Vista, the RSF Foundation truly serves far more than just the Rancho Santa Fe area!)

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The professional staff at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation provides options for your charitable giving and shares their extensive knowledge of nonprofits doing the best work in your areas of interest in San Diego County and beyond.

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