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The San Diego Military & Veteran Non-Profit Directory

The Military/Veteran Non-Profit San Diego Directory is a listing of trustworthy and effective nonprofits in San Diego County providing services to active-duty military and veterans and their families.

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Support Military and Veteran Families

Giving through RSF Foundation is an effective way donate wisely and leverage your resources to have the most impact in addressing the needs of our local military and veteran families. Through extensive due diligence, RSFF grants are awarded to the best, most effective and sustainable organizations in this sector.

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Resources For Active-Duty Military or a Veteran

The directory provides a listing of the most effective and reliable service providers in the San Diego region.

*Denotes previous grant recipient from Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.

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Rancho Santa Fe Foundation donors support causes around the world. Worldreader provides e-readers to students in many countries to expand literacy and economic opportunity.

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