The San Diego Directory

The San Diego Directory is a listing, based on careful research and rigorous evaluation, of trustworthy and accountable nonprofits in San Diego County providing services to military members and their families.

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If you would like to donate to a nonprofit serving military and veteran families:

The San Diego Directory is a resource for donors desiring to be more impactful with their giving to the needs of military service members, both active duty and veteran, and their families. As a program of Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, The Patriots Connection has significant expertise in philanthropy and experience in partnering with organizations that best serve the military community. Our database of pre-vetted nonprofit organizations makes it easy for you to put your vision for addressing these needs into action that changes lives.

If you are a nonprofit seeking grant opportunities:

Organizations seeking funding from The Patriots Connection must first be reviewed through TPC’s vetting process. Once qualified, your organization will be listed in the San Diego Directory, and is eligible to submit a Letter of Inquiry.

Submit a Questionnaire to begin the vetting process. For more information contact:

If you are active duty military or a veteran seeking resources:

The San Diego Directory provides a listing of the most effective, efficient and reliable service providers in the San Diego region.

*Denotes previous grant recipient from Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.


Our Mission

At Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, a San Diego community foundation, our mission is to connect donors with regional and global needs through visionary community leadership, personalized service and effective grant-making.

We’re proud that our donors and community are served on a local level. Many of our donations are provided by residents of the Coastal North County San Diego, which include Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Solana Beach, and Encinitas. In return, we work to give back to communities in need throughout San Diego County.

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