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How to Open a Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation offers tax benefits, convenience and personalized service for your charitable giving.


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Steps to Opening a Donor Advised Fund

The process to establish a Donor Advised Fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation is simple, does not require complicated documents and can usually be completed within 24 hours. We recommend consulting your financial advisor to discuss a donor advised fund as part of your overall investment strategy.

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1.  Decide which assets you will transfer into the fund.

We recommend an initial minimum contribution of $20,000. You may transfer many types of assets, including cash and cash equivalents, appreciated securities, bequests, life insurance and real estate, among others. Contact us if you have questions about assets you wish to transfer.

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2.  Select the name of the fund and the successor advisors.

The successor advisors are often the children of the donor. We then use the information you provide in Steps 1 & 2 to complete the fund information and agreement.

We work with you and your advisor to arrange the transfer of assets, if other than cash equivalents.

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3. Receive grantmaking information and fund updates.

Once the fund is set up, you will receive grantmaking information and fund updates from the Foundation. We provide you with information for your preferred method of recommending grants from the fund: online through our donor portal, DonorCentral; or by email or fax.

All additions to your fund and grant recommendations are reflected in the quarterly Fund Status Report available through our online donor portal, DonorCentral.

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