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How to Use Your Donor Advised Fund to Support Nonprofit Events

With the return to in-person gatherings, many nonprofits have begun scheduling their wonderful events. With so many great causes in San Diego, combined with our weather and beautiful venues, it’s no surprise you’re getting invited to attend these fundraisers.

Using a Donor Advised Fund to make an event contribution:
Donor advised fundholders can use their fund for event contributions as long as they are not receiving any goods or services for your donation (examples: you sponsor part of the event but do not plan to attend, or you sponsor the “fund a need” paddle raise).

If a donor will be receiving something in exchange for their donation (dinner, auction items, a round of golf, etc.) then that portion of the donation cannot be paid from a DAF and will have to be given to the nonprofit separately.

Example – $5,000 – Event Sponsorship (includes table for 10 at event valued at $1,000)
DAF grant = $4,000
Personal contribution sent directly to nonprofit = $1,000

If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll be receiving anything from your donation, contact the host nonprofit and ask!

Note for RSF Foundation Donor Advised Fundholders: Please include this information when submitting your grant distribution form so we have it for our records.

Interested in learning how a Donor Advised Fund at Rancho Santa Fe Foundation can support your charitable giving? Contact our staff to discuss your options.