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6 Fast Facts About Donor Advised Funds

Summer is the perfect time to open a donor-advised fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.  These charitable funds have many advantages that can maximize both the ease and impact of your giving.  Celebrate summer by opening a donor-advised fund, and you will still be seeing the benefits at year-end.

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     1.  Put away your checkbook

Your giving can be done entirely online through our DonorCentral platform, or call or email us.  With a donor advised fund, you indicate the charities of your choice to receive grants from your fund over time, and we write and send the checks.

     2.  Simplify tax time

With a donor-advised fund, you don’t have receipts to itemize at tax time.  You receive a tax deduction each time you contribute to your fund, rather than for each check or online donation you make to a charity.

     3.  Contribute many types of assets

Did you know that you can transfer appreciated securities to a donor-advised fund?  You can, and this type of contribution has tax benefits for many donors.  Other types of contributed assets to donor-advised funds at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation include cash and cash equivalents, bequests, life insurance and real estate.  Find out how to open a donor-advised fund here.

     4.  Maintain consistent giving

Many donors are aware that their level of charitable giving could decrease significantly when they retire or experience a life event that reduces their income level.  Contributing to a donor-advised fund during your earning years can provide for consistent giving in retirement.

     5.  Grow your giving capacity

Monthly investment earnings are credited to your donor-advised fund, and earnings on your fund grow tax-free. Our low annual management fee and overall fee structure are competitive with commercial firms and local charitable organizations.

     6.  Make a greater impact

We provide charitable giving expertise to our fundholders.  As a community foundation with deep roots and relationships with nonprofits in San Diego County and beyond, we can make recommendations and advise you on effective strategies for your giving.

At the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, donors establish donor-advised funds for many reasons that reflect the value of these funds for the donors as well as for the nonprofit community.  Donor-advised funds offer tax advantages, ease of use and a strategic approach to charitable giving.  Contact us to find out more about donor-advised funds at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.