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Maximize Giving & Tax Benefits with RSFF Charitable Special Assets Fund

Rancho Santa Fe Foundation’s Charitable Special Assets Fund (CSAF) is a unique and innovative way for philanthropists to support their favorite charitable causes while also benefiting from significant tax advantages.

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What Can You Donate to CSAF?

A CSAF can accept more complex assets as charitable donations. While this can certainly include real estate, it doesn’t stop there.

Other ‘special assets’—like private equity, limited partnership interests, collections, and more—can also be donated to charitable causes through a CSAF. Here are some examples:

  • Real estate
  • Condos and townhomes
  • Vacation homes
  • Apartments
  • Commercial buildings
  • Rural and agricultural land
  • LLCs or LLPs
  • Artwork, collectibles, or other tangible property
  • Closely held stock

When you donate assets directly to CSAF rather than selling them yourself and donating the proceeds, CSAF can liquidate the assets for you, simplifying the process and helping you make charitable donations shortly thereafter.

Once proceeds have been realized from the sale, and all carrying costs have been met (see Gift Acceptance Policy for more details), the funds will be transferred from the CSAF into the fund vehicle of your choice. For most, this means establishing a donor advised fund or an endowed fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation to facilitate their charitable giving.

There are several advantages to donating complex assets through a CSAF:

Reduced Transactional Costs

First and foremost, you can avoid the capital gains taxes you would otherwise have to pay if you sold the assets yourself. This means more money from the sale of your special assets will be available to you to be granted into the community.

As an example, in late 2022, Rancho Santa Fe Foundation’s CSAF facilitated a real estate gift for a family who wanted to donate a home. The home was originally purchased as an investment property for the family and appreciated in value over several decades.

It was valued at $1M at the time of sale. The family worked with our CSAF professionals and transferred the proceeds from the sale into a donor advised fund at Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.

This saved the family hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and expenses while maximizing their tax advantages and leaving an incredible family legacy.

The donor later shared that he and his wife had originally planned to pass the home along in their estate after their passing, but they realized that donating it while they were still living was the better fit. The donor remarked, “We thought it would be much more fun to see the lives we’re changing with our gift—and it is!”

Streamlined Process

Rancho Santa Fe Foundation’s CSAF handles all the necessary paperwork. Our advisors and staff can work with financial advisors or wealth managers and make sure you have everything you need to begin making donations immediately.

Rancho Santa Fe Foundation can also work with nonprofits that aren’t able to accept complex gifts. We understand that gifts of special assets take time and resources that not all nonprofits are equipped with, and we are happy to partner.

Our expertise in philanthropy can help donors and nonprofits achieve their goals.

Customized and Flexible Legacy

With the proceeds from the sale, you have the flexibility to create funds at RSF Foundation to best meet your philanthropic goals.

Whether that’s a donor advised fund with your children (and grandchildren) listed as successor advisors or an endowed fund that will distribute funds to designated program areas or nonprofits in perpetuity.

With a donor advised fund, you can immediately make grant recommendations from your fund, and there are no annual payout requirements. If you choose to establish a permanent endowment at RSF Foundation, annual grants will be made according to your wishes.

Rancho Santa Fe Foundation’s Charitable Special Assets Fund is an excellent way for philanthropists to support their favorite charities while also enjoying significant tax advantages and simplifying financial affairs.

By working with Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, you can maximize the impact of your giving and ensure that your charitable legacy lasts for generations to come.

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