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Podcast: Live Local, Give Local with Chris Sichel

Listen to “Episode 23 | Turning Vision Into Action | Chris Sichel, President and CEO, Rancho Santa Fe Foundation” on Spreaker.

In this episode of “Live Local, Give Local” listeners enjoy a great conversation between Dave Mason, the Host, this episode’s co-host, Gretchen Veihl, and Chris Sichel the President and CEO of the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation. The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation is a community foundation that helps philanthropists manage donations and nonprofit organizations manage assets.

Chris believes in the power and strength of nonprofits. From a young age, his parents instilled in him a spirit to give back to the community. Hear Chris discuss the importance of building up the nonprofit sector in order to help improve more lives.

The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation emphasizes that there are enough funds for every cause. Some things that they focus on include collective giving and trust-based philanthropy. This not only helps their organization focus on benefits for the community like grantmaking as well as creating trust and equalization between those who have funds and those who need funds.

Chris wholeheartedly believes in the benefits that being part of San Diego Gives can have for organizations like the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation. Above all else, San Diego Gives offers a unique community for those involved that fosters encouragement, idea sharing, and camaraderie. Nonprofit work is not about competing but rather, about effective communication and stories of celebration.

For more information on the many services of San Diego Gives, please visit www.SanDiegoGives.org.