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What is Your Charitable Giving Story?


When you consider the stories you have to tell about your life, do they include stories about your charitable giving? The questions we like to ask our fundholders include:

  • “How did you get involved with this organization?”
  • “What is most rewarding to you about volunteering at that nonprofit?”
  • “Why are you so passionate about this cause?”

San Diego Charitable Giving

The answers to these questions often reveal inspiring stories:

  • One supporter of a home for challenged boys got involved after her husband died and she saw how challenging that experience was for her teenage son;
  • One couple that has supported a school for behaviorally and emotionally challenged youth for 30 years enjoys seeing these young people become independent and fully engaged leaders in the community;
  • One couple that supports literacy programs honors their daughter, who loved to read and tragically died as a young adult.

Story + Strategy = Impact

Connecting your charitable giving story with a strategy will help you make the most impact with your giving. We are pleased to share a new resource that recently became available as a result of a collaborative project with The Philanthropic Initiative and three community foundations to help you do just that.

Adventures in Giving is an interactive tool that allows you to reflect on your charitable giving story, set some giving goals and learn how to make your giving more effective. You simply answer 14 questions in an engaging, interactive format.

We hope that you try out this online tool and discover some new insights about your giving story and strategies for effective charitable giving. As a community foundation, we thrive on having these story, strategy and impact conversations. Please contact us if you would like to talk about your adventures in charitable giving and how we can partner with you along the way.